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- Most trusted consumer VPN, used by more than 300 million users in over 190 countries - Hotspot Shield Elite VPN, Virtual Private Network, service adds a layer of “must have” protection when connecting your computer to the Internet by establishing a secure tunnel. The secure tunnel uses VPN technology to keep your online identity and information safe from hackers and snoopers. Hotspot Shield Elite allows you to browse the Internet anonymously, from 9 virtual locations. As you move around the Internet, your information cannot be tracked. Elite’s VPN service provides access to Expats and Travelers’ favorite sites when away from home including hulu, youtube, Pandora, etc. Plus, Elite users enjoy complete malware protection from over 3 million known and suspected web domains including Malware, Illegal or Phishing, Infected and Spam sites and Content Farms. Only VPN that allows you to remain 100% anonymous. No username/password required to log into Elite service - Includes Complete Cloud Malware protection. Provides protections from more than 3 million known Malware sites.

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